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Ignacio Parot
Ignacio Parot 8 ore fa
Tell that to Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 2 times winner of the American cup, and twise vs argentina
Tonny Biwott
Tonny Biwott 8 ore fa
Ronaldo and Rooney breathtaking
Owen Williams’s Career Mode Videos
Owen Williams’s Career Mode Videos 8 ore fa
When tadic slapped nerves that must have hurt 😂😂😂
Guilherme Augusto
Guilherme Augusto 9 ore fa
4:20 music??(
Jose Carlos Pereda Rumin
Jose Carlos Pereda Rumin 9 ore fa
Supongo q elegiste esas 13 veces al azar xq el lo demostro miles d veces
Jaime Rodezno
Jaime Rodezno 9 ore fa
Great skills but all the dribble and still doesn’t score
Manny956 Gh0sttown
Manny956 Gh0sttown 9 ore fa
Bro why do all of you idiots put garbage ass music to the video just leave it how it is, its freaking annoying in every compilation of sports fight i see this crap
MC Nick
MC Nick 9 ore fa
Background songs name
Clk Tabbo
Clk Tabbo 9 ore fa
messi is worker of ILLUMINATI his awards are Fake!!!!!!
CHAMPION TV 9 ore fa
Salom! O‘zimizning futbol! Faqat O‘zbekiston futboli haqida! Intervyular, Siz ko'rmagan vaziyatlar, Jamoalar mashg'ulotlari, Muxlislar haqida. Eng birinchilardan bo'lib tomosha qiling! Obuna bo'lishni unutmang!
Hassan gaming
Hassan gaming 9 ore fa
unbeliveble goals
Selami Jr
Selami Jr 10 ore fa
0:52 hagi ❤
Oscar Junior
Oscar Junior 10 ore fa
Nenhum gol de Neymar, toma meu deslike ! 👎
OMEGA_edz 10 ore fa
Me sees 100 goals: ...... Sees the first goal : Let's finish this💯
Tyrone Reese
Tyrone Reese 10 ore fa
Ball hogging at it's finest..good video but you do have a team fellas
Believe it or not. There will be a time when messi and ronaldo no more on the pitch. And the people of those generation will only know them from internet and you tube, and I am sure It will be a hard time for Ronaldo then.
Kabano Amos
Kabano Amos 11 ore fa
Wallah alumnia didn’t even try to save the penalty and the follow up
Création Client
Création Client 11 ore fa
Mec pour moi tu a oublié le but de Martineli le joueur arsenal contre Chelsea 😯😯
Aidan Santiago Van Aggele Ruiz
Aidan Santiago Van Aggele Ruiz 11 ore fa
The dislikes are the people that got saved on.
OMEGA_edz 11 ore fa
1:33 goosebumps
adonisadonis1 11 ore fa
tpack boii
tpack boii 11 ore fa
When the ball goes towards the goal everyone depends on goalkeeper but when we make a single mistake it is remembered forever.
Ashwin Sreedhar S N 2028602
Ashwin Sreedhar S N 2028602 11 ore fa
3:11 Robben !!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
cmon chelsea
cmon chelsea 11 ore fa
maradona, ronaldo have been on steroids
Goleiro Brasil
Goleiro Brasil 11 ore fa
Por que o Roberto Carlos não batia penalti ?
Preethy CK
Preethy CK 11 ore fa
What is this song name
Derek Velasco
Derek Velasco 12 ore fa
After a bit of research I have finally found all but 1 song: 00:00 - 02:59 = Bad Style - Time Back 03:01 - 04:15 = Fasio - Outbreak 04:17 - 06:14 = ??? 06:16 - 10:07 = Evan King - Outer Rim 10:08 - 10:27 = Ezzek - Danny Upvote if you want, so everyone can see. Enjoy!
Angela Victoria Ramos Arias
Angela Victoria Ramos Arias 11 ore fa
Thank you very much I was looking for the second
Abdikalfakir A Mansyur
Abdikalfakir A Mansyur 12 ore fa
Zidane = Witcher
Zaaydth Marquez
Zaaydth Marquez 12 ore fa
hola como se llama esta cancion ???
Tio Lu
Tio Lu 12 ore fa
Esses gringos são chatos
Daniel Segura Layza
Daniel Segura Layza 12 ore fa
Falta la de Perú vs Islandia/Croacia
Digital Nomad Records
Digital Nomad Records 13 ore fa
Everybody repeat this 30 times "we will invade airport"
Joa Torres
Joa Torres 13 ore fa
El Mago Ronaldinho jamás me cansó de ver la magia que hacía dentro de la cancha , saludos desde Argentina
Victor Lucca
Victor Lucca 13 ore fa
ronaldinho the best
john Raphael
john Raphael 13 ore fa
That left leg bro..a missile frm Russia
Abhishek Bisht
Abhishek Bisht 13 ore fa
That's why he is the best of all time he dribbles past not just lower league player or not so good professional players. He dribbles past real Madrid, atleti, Sevilla (whole la Liga defence line), he also dribbles past the manu defence line which is at that time is one of the world's best. Overall he destroyed la Liga whole team defence line and also other league's top teams, defence line not just for one season but for each and every season. And this is only about his dribbling ability. After that, he has vision, tight space passing ability, through balls, lob balls, free kicks, penalties. And the main thing that he can create the tempo of the team, whether for attacking or for holding. In the blink of an eye, he changes the pace of the game. He is the G.O.A.T Now people replying with Ronaldo stats to declare him as a G.O.A.T but no offence he is not. I respect Ronaldo but he is the world's best striker football has ever seen and I think no one can better than him in the striking ability, not even Messi. Ronaldo can score a header, bullet speed shoot, acrobatic goals, His position in penalty area every time is spot on. The defender can't catch him in the penalty area. He has a great physique. So overall in my pov Ronaldo is the world's best striker or you can say he is G.O.A.T Striker. But Messi is simply G.O.A.T football player.
Namensloser Typ
Namensloser Typ 13 ore fa
at minute 6:37 ronaldo longshot vs betis sevilla is cut out
Arya Virlana
Arya Virlana 13 ore fa
01:16 Probably can be videogame disk cover
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva 13 ore fa
Essa do luvaku foi a mais kkkkk
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7}
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7} 13 ore fa
لو عجبك فيديو اعمل لايك متبقااش بخييل ومردودة
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7}
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7} 13 ore fa
القناة عليهاا حجات جميلة جدا وربناا
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7}
عاشق كرة من المطاط {Öķ7} 13 ore fa
يجدعاان خشوا القناة اتفرجوا واعملوا اشتراك حااجة كويسة والله
Gudiya Pandey
Gudiya Pandey 13 ore fa
All of the nice goals.
Zikri Hamizan
Zikri Hamizan 14 ore fa
when you try to be a professional level but you forget someone in god level behind you 0:34
Zikri Hamizan
Zikri Hamizan 14 ore fa
when you try to be a professional level but you forget someone in god level behind you 0:34
Tatenda Abel Maposa
Tatenda Abel Maposa 14 ore fa
That Payet free kick 👏
De Trivela
De Trivela 14 ore fa
Watch this video with his goals. They give a moral to ...
Retrô silva
Retrô silva 14 ore fa
Oque era mais incrível não era os passes mais sim os gols que os caras conseguiam perde
rosiana dos santos
rosiana dos santos 14 ore fa
Faltou casa grande kkkkk
tulf lee
tulf lee 15 ore fa
5:17 뿜었다
Ahmed Nurdinsyah
Ahmed Nurdinsyah 15 ore fa
Ronaldinho > lingard
Parmila K
Parmila K 15 ore fa
1:30 song name
s R
s R 15 ore fa
George Vlahopoulos
George Vlahopoulos 15 ore fa
Ronaldinho back pass vs Osasuna??
ege 15 ore fa
Claudio Brady
Claudio Brady 16 ore fa
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박성현 16 ore fa
호날두 빡쳤죠!
Monchis 16 ore fa
El mejor de la historia
Vale Deroeck
Vale Deroeck 16 ore fa
I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Episoketren System. But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried this popular training course?
Noel Hudson
Noel Hudson 16 ore fa
I see many people keep on talking about Episoketren System. But I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever try this popular training course?
EL Munez
EL Munez 16 ore fa
Where's my Barça goals from ronaldinho etoo or Lionel Messi?
Batuhan Tirakioğlu
Batuhan Tirakioğlu 16 ore fa
those saying science d explain, can u explain that weird trajectory of the ball in some shots?
Darv Dega
Darv Dega 16 ore fa
when you can defense against some other player okey] when you can defense against messi well thats something
Weres Faira Faira
Weres Faira Faira 17 ore fa
Sempre é bom ser fiel
Tariq Awisat
Tariq Awisat 17 ore fa
7:50 that spurs kit looked clean on bale ngl
John Doe
John Doe 17 ore fa
What was with the dubbed commentary of a messi run and goal over some random passing and goal
Sydney Dee
Sydney Dee 17 ore fa
5:17 😂... You gotta put it on repeat... 🤣
francisco barajas
francisco barajas 17 ore fa
04:36 magistral el pase de Diego, con izquierda y pierna cruzada
Monito hecho de palitos
Monito hecho de palitos 18 ore fa
Años después y seguimos buscando la cadera de Boateng
Agrifinus Rega
Agrifinus Rega 18 ore fa
H GITU.. Best
Bingley Malale
Bingley Malale 18 ore fa
that backheel by Guti. Damn!!!
Death Note
Death Note 18 ore fa
damn 2:34 shev, maldini, kaka, pirlo, seedorf, stam, crespo
Ənvər 654
Ənvər 654 18 ore fa
Bu Messi benim sevdiğim oyuncu
Deplorable D
Deplorable D 18 ore fa
Looks like a Mini trying to catch a Porsche..... fucking great line.
Cassio Mendonça
Cassio Mendonça 19 ore fa
Faltou falar q conseguiu fazer o galo ser campeão de algo.
Amarjot Singh Nagee
Amarjot Singh Nagee 20 ore fa
Can someone explain how Ronaldinho was not offside 1.25?
Pxndoso :3
Pxndoso :3 21 ora fa
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Y donde estan los videos, del ultimo 10. Juan Roman Riquelme. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Alejandro Galvan
Alejandro Galvan 21 ora fa
Que mal video, ni editar saben, si dejaran los videos como debe ser hubiera sido un video de lujo por todas esas grandes definiciones.